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Race, Class, and Civil Rights
Poverty, Homelessness, and Unemployment
Imperialism and Economic Injustice
Nuclear weapons
Education, Information, and Communication 
Democracy and Religion
Hunger and Health Care
Why Another Website?

Everything is connected.

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Why Another Website?

The central idea of Connections 2000 is to generate letters to editors across the country on the same subject at the same time. If 1000 activists wrote each month on the same topic from their own point of view and primarily on the issues that they work with every day, the mesmerized Public would waken to the realities of society and the earth.

All problems are connected. All solution-seeking activism needs to be just as connected. The more vividly the connections are revealed, the greater and faster the awakening will be.

Current progressive activism is vital, necessary, growing and vast. It needs to be closely interconnected so that people realize that all problems have common systemic roots. The roots were started long ago, maybe with Copernicus and a mechanistic vision of life on earth. The fruit of these roots is toxic to all beings, tasty and compelling as it may be. Every organism on our gorgeous planet is in danger. We must compost all of these roots and join the thousands of grassroot islands together. It is our responsibility because we, "GET IT!"

A letter a month can change the entire system. We simply have to act in unison. We must flood the
newspapers of this land, big and little, with so many letters that editors will be compelled to print them. And then the next month, turn around and do it again. Thirty minutes a month. From each of our own perspectives, with each of our own skills and thoughts: relating the month's subject to the issues we work with already.

Use this website as a resource for ideas and the twelve main categories. Add to the website. It belongs to the earth and to all beings. Use all of the magnificent websites and progressive ideas that are flowing, but use them, once a month, in unison.

Let's get to work. Together we can and must turn the world around.

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