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Race, Class, and Civil Rights
Poverty, Homelessness, and Unemployment
Imperialism and Economic Injustice
Nuclear weapons
Education, Information, and Communication 
Democracy and Religion
Hunger and Health Care

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Overview is a resource for members of the peace, justice, and environmental movements. It will evolve to become a meeting place to facilitate cooperation and discourse among activists striving to improve our planet in the interest of peaceful social change.

Our theme is to encourage members of many disparate groups to harmoniously support each otherís efforts so that all will be better heard and more effective.

Each calendar month is categorized generally as shown here and includes issues that you can see by clicking a month name below.

The menu on the left of each page allows you to navigate to the months.

We urge our politically active visitors to take some action, however small, in the category of the month. Since every issue is in some way connected to every other, a small contribution to the category of the month will ultimately serve to support your own area of greatest concern. And, because we are focusing and coordinating our voices, the issues associated with each monthly category will be better heard by all.

Because this endeavor involves communication and interactivity among a loosely knit membership, it is a perfect application of the World Wide Web.

Reference Literature

These reference periodicals reflect our political bias.

Reference Sites

These reference web sites reflect the sorts of things we want to do technically.

"MoveOn's mission in the next two years will be to make effective citizen participation as easy as possible. We will: (1) Monitor and oppose renewal of the current Independent Counsel statute, (2) Monitor emerging congressional candidates, (3) Make it easy to contribute time, money and support to campaigns. "

"If Not Now... is for people who'd like to be more involved in progressive politics but find it hard to make time." There are visitor actions in about 50 categories. Once you enter a postal zip code, signing an action amounts to sending a well-worded, modifiable email message to your Congressional representatives.

Monthly Category Issues

Each monthly category has the many subsidiary issues listed below.

January: Race, Class, and Civil Rights -- indigenous people's exploitation, gender, prejudice/overt (KKK, neo-Nazis) covert (ubiquitous), military targets, drug war, courts-prisons, death penalty, inner cities, family disintegration, capitalism, police-crime, drugs, reproductive rights, the competition between and among people, including the idea of one-ups-man-ship and male-female relationships.

February: Poverty, Homelessness, and Unemployment -- race, class, gender, age, nationality, inner cities, widening gap between rich and poor, capitalism, social welfare programs, drugs, mental illness, inflation, rent, housing, corporations, unions, pensions, training programs.

March: Imperialism and Economic Injustice -- Third World countries, environmental degradation, capitalism, racism, CIA, multinational industries, militarism, US as World Mafia, United Nations/binding triad, weapons sales, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, Asia, indigenous peoples.

April: Environment -- eco-feminism, ozone depletion, toxic waste, rain forests, wilderness, soil erosion, preservation, agriculture, pollution, EPA, GATT, capitalism, greenhouse effect, farming, conservation, species extinction, chemicals, packaging, sustainable resources.

May: Labor -- indigenous peoples, women, jobs, gays, laws, minorities, housing, education, sexual harassment and assault, equality, schools, desegregation, prejudice, AIDS, healthcare, people with disabilities, people with major mental illness, voting, participatory democracy, euthanasia, children, speech, assembly.

June: Population -- sexuality/education, equality for women, family planning, reproductive rights, feminism, infant mortality, natural resources (gifts of nature), environmental degradation, crowding, hunger, violence, Catholicism, birth control, starvation, disease, child abuse, sexual abuse, football, criminal justice system (prisons, courts, cops), prejudice, terrorism, torture, abortion, anti-abortionists, animals, meat eating/vegetarianism, homicide/suicide, gangs, rape, assault, incest, guns.

July: Violence -- against women, children, men, animals, forests, wilderness; professional football, prizefights, television, movies, advertising, competition, war, weapons; ethnic, religious, racial and political violence; automobiles, American history, and on and on...

August: Nuclear weapons -- production, waste, proliferation, militarism, US as world mafia, myth of nuclear deterrence, nuclear winter, weapons sales, myth of mad evil enemies, multinational corporations, cost overruns, profits, military contractors, the Pentagon.

September: Education, Information, and Communication -- public/private, student loans, text book distortion, school funding, teachers-homophobia, AIDS, homogeneity as a goal, maintenance of the status quo, literacy, prejudice, elimination of nonconformity, educating children to be responsible caring people, tenure, administration of universities, censorship, propaganda.

October: Democracy and Religion -- one person/one vote, voting by phone, constitutional government, voting rights and responsibilities, United Nations/binding triad, Bill of rights, electoral politics, third parties, Supreme Court, courts/laws, education, voter apathy, sovereignty for indigenous peoples, election laws, discrimination, voter registration, campaign reform.

November: Hunger and Health Care -- agriculture, meat eating, land reform, economic centralization, agribusiness, pesticides, top soil erosion, malnutrition/mental retardation/diseases, ketchup and relish as vegetables, starvation, food stamps, over-population, reproductive policies.

December: Children -- schools, healthcare, infant mortality, homelessness, violence, parenting, day care, mutilation, circumcision, television, incest, sexual assault, child labor, child support laws, literacy, children's rights, guardian ad litum, families.

Technical Modalities

The various technical modalities that we intend to use include the following.

Automatic email transmission. Automatically send an email message (that may have been modified by visitor) to a congress- person in the name of that visitor.

Databases. A membership database will ensure that a visitor is legitimate and will host demographic (largely political) information. The membership database will be maintained automatically by site infrastructure. An issue database will relate political categories with political actions and political actions with resources and attributes. The issue database will be maintained by a political administrator. A congressional membership database will allow mapping of postal zip code to congressional district. The congressional database must be easily maintained across new Congresses.

Chat. Chat technology will enable our members to communicate directly with each other either privately or in groups. Additionally, we hope to attract notable guest hosts for chat sessions.

Hyperlinks. Hyperlinks will be used as usual both internally and externally.

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